How do we cope with the burden of environmental toxins?

We’re all exposed to the environmental toxins around us. Toxins are found in air, food, water, farming techniques and food processing.  Some of the previously approved and used chemicals we’ve been exposed to, have now been banned due to understanding of long term health and/or environmental effects.

So if we’re all exposed – why don’t we all get sick?

The answer:  we’re not all the same – every individual immune system responds differently – everyone’s resistance to exposure varies.

Each individual has a unique detoxification ability. Age; exposure; diet & lifestyle; gut; immune function and the health of the liver kidneys and lungs; are some of the differing factors.   Genetic variability can play a significant role, determining whether potential cancer-forming agents are activated or neutralised, and whether chemicals and toxins are accumulated in the body or rapidly excreted.  Some will react with debilitating symptoms, while others seem to suffer no ill-effects at all.

Chronic fatigue; depression; infertility & thyroid issues; grumbling gut symptoms; allergies; skin rashes; mood swings; headaches or joint pains? You might be suffering from the effects of toxicity. Baseline health, the level of inflammation, and the damage to cells or organs from exposure, may affect hormone balance and energy deficit in the ‘batteries’ of the cells.

Often if there is an inability to detoxify; or long term exposure to toxins; the body fails to respond to normal treatments.  Often we hear “I haven’t felt well since”  or “I can’t remember when I felt well”.

When this happens, supporting detoxification pathways and ensuring the gut microbiota is healthy is the first step in reducing the burden on the body.  This needs to be done under the guidance of one of our Naturopaths to avoid making the situation worse.  If all the detoxification and elimination pathways are not working together, even endotoxins from the gut can unleash inflammation throughout the body which may affect immune tolerance; mental health and hormones; among others.  For the person who is already tired and depressed; will just suffer more pain and feel even worse. 

Protective factors can abound in a healthy diet and lifestyle.  This can be supported with nutritional and herbal support, individually assessed and prescribed with Live Blood Review (where you can visually see liver stress and damage to the cells) and Vega Testing.  Our clients find colonic irrigation,  lymphatic drainage with massage or Bowen technique are useful additions to any detoxification and wellness programs and help to avoid often unnecessary  side effects during detoxification. 

If you just can’t get on top of your health, talk to our Naturopaths about assessing what is underlying your health issues, and how you can help your body relieve that burden – naturally – through treatments and personalised nutritional medicine.

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