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Effective Strategies to Detox Your Environment

Effective Strategies to Detox Your Environment

Modern life inevitably exposes us to a variety of toxins, including heavy metals and endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), which can adversely affect our health. While awareness is crucial, taking actionable steps to minimise exposure is equally important. In this...

Strengthening Our Defences Against Winter Illness

Strengthening Our Defences Against Winter Illness

Evading this season’s colds, coughs, and flu can feel like an uphill battle through a treacherous war zone. As we forge through uncharted territory, we remain constantly vulnerable to an enemy ambush closing in on us. The same can be said of our bodies during winter,...

Heal Your Allergies from Within: The Gut-Allergy Connection

Heal Your Allergies from Within: The Gut-Allergy Connection

Are you familiar with the feeling of your eyeballs burning when you step outside on a sunny spring day? Allergies can make the simplest pleasures seem unbearable. But what if the key to conquering your allergies lies not just in quick-fix medications but in healing...

Sulforaphane – Empowering Your Health Against Modern Toxins

Sulforaphane – Empowering Your Health Against Modern Toxins

In the hustle and bustle of modern living, convenience often comes hand in hand with a silent adversary - an influx of chemicals, pesticides, and electromagnetic fields that can disrupt our delicate balance. This constant exposure leads to a myriad of issues like...

Finding Relief for Eczema Practical Steps to Take

Finding Relief for Eczema Practical Steps to Take

Dealing with eczema can be an irritating journey, especially when red, itchy patches make their unwelcome appearance. Often triggered by seemingly harmless factors like food proteins, animal dander, or environmental allergens, eczema goes beyond the surface. It may...

Cultivating Child Immunity: The Microbiome Connection

Cultivating Child Immunity: The Microbiome Connection

The Balancing Act of Childhood Health The act of sharing is often seen as a delightful virtue, especially in the realm of little humans. However, when faced with a stubborn cold or a bothersome tummy bug, it can turn into a significant challenge for families. While...

Optimising Men’s Health: The Dynamic Influence of Testosterone

Optimising Men’s Health: The Dynamic Influence of Testosterone

Testosterone, often associated with specific stereotypes, goes well beyond common perceptions. It plays a vital role in various aspects of men's health and the aging process, often surprising people with its versatility and importance. As men progress from puberty to...

Exploring Dairy and Sugar Alternatives for a Healthier You

Exploring Dairy and Sugar Alternatives for a Healthier You

Whether you're lactose intolerant, following a vegan diet, or simply looking to reduce your environmental footprint, the popularity of dairy alternatives has surged. Similarly, the quest for healthier sugar options has driven people to seek alternatives to refined...

Constipated? What Can You Do?

Constipated? What Can You Do?

Constipation, it's a common issue that can cause discomfort and concern, but don't worry – we're here to provide you with insights, solutions, and strategies to help you overcome this digestive hurdle. Join us on a journey to comprehend the intricacies of maintaining...



What do Naturopaths do?

Naturopathy involves the use of nutritional and herbal medicines, complementary therapies and lifestyle advice to help restore wellness, energy, and the ability to enjoy life.

How does a Naturopath know what to prescribe?

The Naturopaths at Nurtura Health take time and care reviewing your health history, any blood test or investigation results, your symptom picture. In addition, they use in-clinic reviews including physical assessment, iridology, QuadScan Bio-Impedence analysis and a VegaTest Review. Your Naturopath will take this information along with their training and extensive clinical experience in their recommendations of a treatment program for your specific condition.

What can a Naturopath help with?

You can see one of the Naturopaths from Nurtura Health for nearly any condition, including digestive issues, stress and mood disorders, reproductive issues, poor immunity, sleep problems and more. 

In addition to acute conditions, our Naturopaths treat many chronic and complex conditions.  While conventional treatment is very symptom focused, our treatments aim to treat the cause wherever possible. 

What does it mean to treat the cause of the illness or discomfort?

Behind every discomfort, illness or dis-ease there is an underlying cause.  Take for example reoccurring headaches.  You get a headache, you take a painkiller, and the headache goes away.  While you will gain relief, the treatment does not help to prevent the recurrence of future headaches.  This is symptomatic treatment.

The cause can be from structural issues like neck and shoulder tension or bad posture.  Or the headache can be from dehydration, a magnesium deficiency, sinusitis, allergies, hormone imbalances, stress, lack of restful sleep, constipation, eyesight issues, fevers or virus.  Once the underlying issue is address, the body can heal, and the headaches go away.

Treating the cause takes longer and more commitment than using a symptomatic relief.  But the rewards are that you can address the core issue, help your body function in a balanced way, and regain health, wellness and enjoyment of life.  This is what makes Integrated Naturopathy and Functional Medicine so effective – the personalised approach for each person helps to target what is really going on.

Can I book an Initial Comprehensive Consultation as a standalone appointment?

Yes! The Initial Comprehensive Consultation which includes Iridology (Iris Photography), QuadScan BioImpedence Analysis, and a VegaTest Review will provide you with a great amount of value and insight on its own. Our clients comment how much they learn about their health during this Consultation.

Will natural treatment interfere with my medications?

Our Naturopaths are all highly qualified and have training in pharmacology.  They are hyper aware of any herb-drug or nutrient-drug interactions and will only prescribe you natural medicines which are safe for you and will complement your prescription medications.

Do you offer virtual/online appointments?

Yes!  Our Naturopaths can consult via video chat or over the phone.  This service is valuable for regional and remote areas.  Nurtura Health have clients from Victoria to North Queensland and the Northern Territory.  Our support staff can send out a ‘country pack’ prior to the consultation.  Any natural or herbal medicines prescribed can be shipped to you anywhere in Australia. 

Can my child see a Naturopath?

Children respond incredible to naturopathy.  Our Naturopaths have treated many babies, children and teenagers and understand the challenges for different age groups.  We frequently see babies with colic, restlessness, immune issues; children and teenagers for digestive issues, constant infections, eczema, acne, asthma, and anxiety, hormonal issues and stress and fatigue. 

If I am pregnant, can I see a Naturopath?

Absolutely!  Our Naturopaths have supported many women with pre-conception care and care throughout their pregnancies.  Careful consideration is always given to any medical treatments the patient is on, and care is taken with prescribing to ensure the doses and types of herbal or nutritional are safe in pregnancy. 

Can we claim on our Private Health Fund?

Due to legislative changes made by the Australian government, from 1st April 2019 a range of natural therapies including Naturopathy are no longer covered by private health insurance.  As of January 2020, this decision to remove these natural therapies came under review and is currently ongoing.  We are hopeful that in the future we will see Naturopathy covered by health funds again!

We have HiCaps at Nurtura Health and are registered as providers with most private Health Funds.  Our remedial and lymphatic drainage massage therapies are covered under most private Health Funds.  Please check with your Fund if you are not sure. 

Do I need a referral to a Naturopath?

No!  Anyone can make an appointment to have a consultation with a Naturopath at Nurtura Health.

Can I come if I have an acute condition e.g. a sore throat, an ear infection, a gut or bladder infection?

Yes!  We have acute appointments available for any acute conditions.  Nutritional and herbal medicine may be very useful at the onset of these conditions and often support a quick recovery.

Iridology (Iris Photography)

Will it hurt to have an iris photo taken?

The procedure is non-invasive.  Our caring team member will explain step by step the process taken.  The image is taken using a custom designed lens attached to a camera and printer so that the images are available immediately during your consultation.  If you are light sensitive, the flash will be adjusted for your comfort. 

How long does it take to get the Iridology report back?

The Naturopath goes through the results and reports with you during your consultation.  You will be given a copy of the iris images and information regarding the observations of the Naturopath. 

QuadScan BioImpedence Body Composition Analysis

Can I have a QuadScan BioImpedence Analysis or Iris Photography without a consultation?

We find the people who would like these tests done as a ‘stand-alone’ will always ask for an interpretation.  Consequently, we have made these tests available as part of an Acute Consultation.

Why would I have a QuadScan done?

A QuadScan report gives a snapshot of your body composition e.g. fluids in the cells, fluids in the tissues, fat mass, bone & muscle mass, a measurement of cellular vitality, and an inflammatory indicator.  If you are embarking on a weight loss or a body-building program, having a baseline allows you to measure your progress.  Our Naturopaths, also take the information from a QuadScan and can use this test as a monitoring tool to ensure your naturopathic treatment is working and achieving a positive change to your health, wellness and vitality. 

How often would I need a QuadScan?

Your Naturopath will discuss this with you.  Some patients have one once a month to monitor their progress with a health, fitness or weight loss program.  Others choose to have one every 6 to 12 months.  A QuadScan report is a great way to monitor your progress whatever your health goals.  It can also alert your Naturopath to areas of your health where you may have specific challenges interrupting your progress. 

Can I have a QuadScan if I am pregnant?

No!  QuadScan is contraindicated during pregnancy.

VegaTest Review

What is VegaTest Review?

We observe that ill health often begins with a change in energy before the dis-ease state manifests.

The Naturopaths at Nurtura Health have had almost three decades of experience.  They use a variety of reviewing methods including the VegaTest Review.  They take all their observations, consider the presenting symptoms and health history, and use their extensive experience and training to support you in your quest for better health, more energy, weight loss, or your specific health goals. A VegaTest Review is included in your Initial Comprehensive or Review Consultations.

Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine seeks to determine how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of dis-ease for the individual. 

The Functional Medicine model is an individualized, patient-centred, science-based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address the underlying causes of dis-ease and promote optimal wellness. 

By addressing root cause, rather than symptoms, Naturopaths become oriented to identifying the complexity of dis-ease.  They may find one condition has many different causes and, likewise, one cause may result in many different conditions.  As a result, Functional Medicine treatment targets the specific manifestation in each individual. 

Comprehensive or Review Consultations.

Functional Herbal Medicine

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine dates back thousands of years and is still used by over 80% of people in the southern hemisphere as a first line medical treatment according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

It involves the use of plants with medicinal properties to assist the body in the healing process. Different plant parts are used depending on active ingredients in them. Using the correct plant types and parts are essential to a successful treatment which is one of the reasons you may see better results under the care of a qualified Naturopath.

What is Functional Herbal Medicine?

This model draws on the modern concept of functional medicine but is also rooted in traditional herbal wisdom. It is designed to formulate treatment strategies which tackle the complexity of different disease states. It uses the therapeutic and active constituents to aid the body to heal holistically, particularly in chronic and complex conditions.

Do you use standard formulations?

Yes and No. We use a number of tabletted herbal preparations which are made to specific formulations. All of our liquid formulations are individually chosen and formulated to each person’s own personal prescription. This is one of the major benefits of liquid herbal preparations, that they are always individually prescribed and formulated.

Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation)

What is the Colon?

The colon, or large intestine, comprises the last 1.5-1.8 metres of the digestive tract.  Although some nutrients and water are absorbed through the colon wall, its primary function is the removal of digestive and cellular wastes from the body.  The bowel transit time, from the moment a person eats until the waste matter is excreted from the colon, can be anywhere from 12-28 hours in a healthy person, depending on water intake, exercise, and the type of foods eaten.

Why do people have Colonics?

The colon is the body’s waste disposal unit and is designed to completely and naturally remove digestive and cellular waste from the body.  Unfortunately, the modern diet of cooked, processed and devitalized foods combined with low water intake, sedentary lifestyles and stress, our digestive systems do not always function or eliminate as well as they should.

There is almost an epidemic of digestive disorders including constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating, diverticulitis, Crohn’s dis-ease, spastic colon, and irritable bowel syndrome, to name a few. It is not unusual to hear of bowel transit times of anywhere from three days to two weeks!

The build-up of waste matter within the colon can lead to auto-intoxication and overgrowth of yeast (candida albicans), prevent proper absorption of nutrients through the intestinal wall, and hinder the muscular movement of the colon, leading to sluggish peristalsis (the muscle contractions that move matter through your colon) and chronic constipation.

A Colonic can help to loosen up and remove impacted waste matter from the colon, as well as improve and even restore the healthy muscular action of the colon.

Do you have to be suffering from digestive disorders to benefit from a Colonic?

Even clients with no reported digestive issues have been amazed at what has been removed from their colon, such as mucus, parasites and undigested food.  Clients have reported benefits such as “the cloud has lifted”, “I can think clearer”, better sleep, clearer skin, less gas and bloating and more regular bowel movements following their treatments.  As there is two-way talk between the biochemistry of the colon, the nervous system, the hormones, the psyche and the immune system, having a healthy environment in the colon may have far-reaching benefits to our general health and wellness, vitality and feelings of wellbeing.   

Won’t laxatives or enemas do the same thing?

Laxatives, even natural ones, usually wok by irritating the colon to get it to contract.  In the short term, this may be fine, but long-term use and abuse of laxatives can lead to dependency and intestinal disorders.  Enemas will assist the body in emptying only the last 12.5-25 centimeters of the colon, whereas a colonic will gently remove matter from the entire length of the colon.  Nothing is quite as immediate or complete for cleaning our and toning the colon as a Colonic. 

Are Colonics painful?

A colonic can sometimes feel a bit like diarrhea as the colon muscles contract to expel the loosened waste matter.  While the filtered water is gently flowing into the colon, it is common to have some sensations of pressure, or feeling the “need to go”, but these are quickly alleviated as the water and waste are released. 

If there are moments of discomfort during a Colonic, they are usually of a short duration and are well-tolerated.  The more relaxed the client is, the more effective the treatment, and the less discomfort.  At Nurtura Health, there will always be a Naturopath or a trained Therapist with you to ensure your comfort, and the effectiveness of the treatment.  In our experience, using heat packs and a specific abdominal massage technique helps relaxation and comfort. 

Should I fast before my Colonic?

It is ideal to have a small meal around an hour before your treatment and limit the fluids you drink in the half hour before your treatment.

What happens during a Colonic treatment?

If you are not an existing client of Nurtura Health, you will be asked to complete an intake form, and a medical and surgical history before your appointment.  This is necessary to ensure there are no contraindications to having the procedure. 

You will change into a treatment gown and will be draped with sheets for privacy and modesty.  While you are lying on your left side, your Naturopath or Therapist gently inserts a lubricated disposable speculum which has a small water inlet hose, and a larger waste hose leading into the machine attached.  As you comfortably recline on your back with a heat pad on your abdomen, warm filtered water slowly enters the colon to your comfort level.  As this is released water and waste from the colon pass out through the enclosed waste hose and then fresh filtered water is re-introduced into the colon.

The gentle water flow is always under the direct control of the Naturopath or Therapist, who repeats the process, filling and releasing for the duration of the treatment.  Abdominal massage is done through the treatment to support relaxation and release.

What equipment do you use?

Nurtura Health has installed modern and hygienic ‘closed system’ colonic equipment into two custom-built, medical grade treatment rooms.  These are within a private treatment area with adjoining bathrooms and a shower.  

The single-use disposable speculums and tubes are imported from the USA and medical grade.  They are in sealed individual packs which are not opened until the start of the treatment. 

How many Colonics will I need and how often should I get them?

The number and frequency of Colonics a person should get will depend on the individual, why Colonics are recommended or needed, and each person’s health issues or health goals.

For a healthy person with normal bowel function (which can be between one and three bowel movements a day), an initial series of three to four colonics spaced from two to seven days apart, followed by a maintenance schedule of one session every one to three months may be beneficial.

If there are chronic digestive issues, such as constipation, the Naturopath will recommend the best frequency depending on the indications and outcome of the first treatment.  In our experience, we have found the release of matter can increase over the first three to four Colonics as the matter is softened and released.  Once that is complete, many of our clients incorporate one session per month into their wellness program.  For females having a menstrual cycle, having a Colonic a week before period, may relieve some of the PMT pelvic congestion and discomfort, and our clients comment that their ability to cope and their moods are much better.

Do Colonics wash away healthy bacteria and nutrients from the colon?

A colon with retained matter, fermentation, gas and bloating will rarely have the environment for a healthy gut microbiome. By cleansing impacted waste matter and putrefying material from the colon, there may be an improved environment in which healthy intestinal microbes can flourish and multiply, as well as an improved ability for the body to absorb nutrients through the colon wall. 

Our Naturopaths are happy to discuss ways to improve your gut health (which impacts your overall health) and suggest enzymes, digestive support or pre or probiotics as appropriate. 

Do males get colonics?

Absolutely!  There is an increasing awareness among males of the benefits of both gut health and general health.  Nurtura Health has an ever-increasing male clientele who appreciate the benefits of Colonics in their treatment programs and comment on their increased feeling of wellbeing and energy in addition to the relief from uncomfortable symptoms of pain, bloating and gas among other health issues. 

Bowen Therapy

What can Bowen Technique benefit?

Our experienced Naturopaths and Bowen Therapists find their clients get great results from neck & shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, wry neck, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow; lower back pain, sciatica with referred pain down the legs; headaches and migraines; knee, ankle and foot problems; injuries; childhood bedwetting; baby colic and more.  Feel free to ask about your condition and if Bowen is recommended. 

What happens during a Bowen treatment?

Bowen Technique is extremely gentle.  Muscles are moved over the underlying fascia or flat muscle.  This technique stimulates or relaxes muscles, tendons, ligaments and has an effect of the afferent-efferent nervous system.  That is the system that sends messages to the central nervous system, with a response back to a muscle, a tissue, or an organ. 

The therapist will do a series of “moves” and allow breaks in between for the body to respond or react and benefit from the procedure.   

Can Bowen help me?

Bowen Technique is considered appropriate for anyone and any age – from pregnant women to newborn babies, the frail and elderly, through to athletes providing there are no contraindications. 

Bowen may assist recovery from many conditions including traumatic injury.  No adverse side-effects have been reported. 

Do I need to have an Xray before I can have Bowen?

Not usually.  However, if there were any concerns that there could be a fracture or any serious underlying condition, our Naturopaths would advise you to seek the opinion of your general medical practitioner. 

How long does a Bowen session take?

Appointment times depend on the treatment location and condition, but most Bowen appointments last between 30-45 minutes with complex treatments up to an hour.   

We do hear of the therapists who ‘get into Bowen and do it in 15 minutes!’  Our Naturopaths try to have their patients free from pain or discomfort when they leave after a treatment.  They find that taking the process methodically and allowing for the designated rest periods gives the best outcome. 

Can Bowen help with sciatica?

Bowen Technique may be one of the most effective treatments for sciatica.  We find many clients get relief after only one or two treatments.  Introducing some nutritional connective tissue and anti-inflammatory support for the irritated nerves and reactive muscles may speed relief and recovery. 

Is Bowen performed over clothing?

Yes, it is normally performed over light loose clothing.  There are times when we will ask clients to change out of very restrictive or heavy clothing – eg. jeans or workwear.  In these cases, we drape the client with towels for privacy and comfort. 

Can Bowen be used for babies?

Our Naturopaths have had great results using Bowen with unsettled babies; babies who have had traumatic births; babies with colic or feeding issues.  Bowen is adapted to each person and may be used on newborns, babies and children of all ages.  Another area where it may be very useful is for children with delayed bedwetting. 

Remedial or Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Do I need a referral for a massage at Nurtura Health?

No, just call on 41534112 or email reception to make an appointment. 

Do I need to make an appointment for a massage?

You do need to make an appointment for a massage to ensure sufficient time is allocated to your appointment.  Appointments are necessary for all Nurtura Health treatments and services. 

Do you offer private health rebates on Massage appointments?

Yes.  Nurtura Health uses a HICAPS system.  We are covered with most Health Funds provided you have cover for massage.

What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial massage is a modality that incorporates numerous techniques to locate and treat musculoskeletal imbalances and chronic or acute pain.  Remedial massage is useful for those suffering from a particular complaint, or those who want to ensure their body is functioning at its optimum level. 

Many of our clients find remedial massage very beneficial for stress and tension in the neck, shoulders and back as well headaches, injury recovery, sprains or strains etcetera.    

Why would I have a lymphatic drainage massage?

People can have lymphatic drainage massage techniques to help reduce swelling and improve circulation.  A properly functioning lymphatic system is essential for overall health.

How does Lymphatic Drainage help you?

Lymphatic massage aims to increase the efficiency of your lymphatic and circulatory system.  By reducing the volume of retained fluid and the pressure associated, it can reduce the risk of impeded circulation.  This volume reduction increases your circulatory system’s capacity to move out retained fluids and any toxic waste build-up rapidly. 

Lymphatic massage may improve circulation, increase your metabolic rate, and has the potential to enhance your immunity. 

Zinc Tally Test

What is a Zinc Tally Test?

A Zinc Taste Test provides a quick and reliable clinical test for the assessment of zinc status.  10mls of the solution is held on the tongue for 20 seconds and the taste is evaluated. 

Why would I need it done?

Numerous research studies have found that sub-optimal levels of zinc are very common at all ages, especially in the elderly.  An Australian study found that 85% of women and 65% of men do not receive the RDA for zinc in their diets. 

Assessing zinc status can be difficult, as most of the body’s zinc stores are in the bones.  Hair analysis, levels in sweat, blood serum or white blood cells all require considerable (and costly) laboratory work. 

What symptoms could I have of a zinc deficiency?

Some of the signs of a zinc deficiency are:

  • Disrupted sleep patterns             
  • Poor concentration        
  • Memory Impairment     
  • Mental
  • Eczema, asthma, allergies            
  • Hair loss                              
  • Acne, skin lesions            
  • Poor nail growth
  • Frequent colds, sore throats       
  • Issues of taste, smell      
  • Prostatic hyperplasia     
  • Low immunity

Omega-3 Index Blood Test

What is Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

Omega-3s are important components of the membranes that surround each cell in your body.  DHA levels are especially high in retina (eye), brain, and sperm cells.  Omega-3s also provide calories to give your body energy and have many functions in your heart, blood vessels, lungs, immune system and endocrine system (the network of hormone-producing glands).  

Why would I do an Omega-3 Index Blood test?

The Omega-3 Index Test is simply a measure of the amount of EPA and DHA in the blood, specifically the red blood cell membranes.  Low omega-3 levels are associated with a multitude of health issues such as heart dis-ease, Alzheimer’s, eye dis-ease and many chronic inflammatory dis-eases.

As a percentage of Omega-3 Index in your blood a High Risk = <4%; Intermediate risk = 4-8%; and Low risk = >8%.

Most consumers hover around 6% or below.  In the USA most people are at 4% or below – the highest risk zone which translates to a 90% higher risk of sudden cardiac death.

No matter how healthy you think you are, it is always good to know your number.  Don’t guess what you can test!

Microbiome Screening and Interpretation

How do I know if I have good or bad bacteria in my gut?

Your gut microbiome is a community of microorganisms.  At Nurtura Health, we sometimes refer to it as a little ‘gut bug farm’.  These little bugs in your gut are active.  There are more genes in these bacteria than genes in the body.  So what types do we have?  How many?  What aspects of our health do they affect?

The gut microbiome is made up of good and bad bacteria and other microbes.  To know what your microbiome is made of an if it is affecting your health to achieve optimal function or contributing to your ill health or unwellness – Nurtura Health offers a Microbiome Test which comprehensively examines your own microbiome with a detailed report.

What are some of the conditions that may be affected by the gut microbiome & the substances they produce?

  • IBS, IBD, constipation
  • Food sensitivities, allergies
  • Metabolic syndrome, obesity
  • Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular risk
  • Stress & mood disorders
  • Neurodegenerative dis-eases
  • Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis
  • Auto-immune conditions
  • Pain & Inflammation
  • Exposure to heavy metals, chemicals
  • Hormone imbalances

Do I have to do the test in the clinic?

No, the test is done in the privacy of your own home.  We provide you with all instructions and the kit to send off the sample.  The results of the test are sent away for analysis and the results and report are send to your Naturopath who will make an appointment with you to review the results and interpret the findings.

If necessary, the Naturopath will work out a suitable treatment plan to address any issues identified in the results to support your health.

Do I need to be a Nurtura Health patient to purchase a test kit?

No, anyone can purchase the Microbiome test kits.  Because the cost of the kit includes a consultation to interpret the report and results, we ask that you complete one of our new patient forms for our record keeping purposes.  One of our Naturopaths will go through the results with you.  You will have a copy of the report.

Weight Loss

With so many products and weight loss systems in the marketplace, how do you decide what is right for you?

As each person is uniquely different, we believe it is best to seek qualified professional advice in order to gain long-term results.  It is important that a weight loss program can be tailored to suit you and helps to improve your long-term health and wellbeing. 

At Nurtura Health our approach addresses “why” you have issues with your weight and your metabolism.  We often find there is a combination of thyroid, liver and pancreas issues ie. a sluggish metabolism, inability to burn fat, and irregular blood sugar control.  Once these issues are supported, we see clients achieve their weight loss and health goals.

How do I know if I am losing fat or just fluid?

The old saying – “if you can’t measure it, you can’t do it” is true.  Our Naturopaths use the information from QuadScan to monitor your weight loss and health.  It is very important that you are achieving fat loss and preserving your muscle mass to ensure results and then long-term maintenance.

We support you to achieve your weight-loss journey, monitor your progress, share tips and strategies on how to make the changes you need to enjoy long-term success.

Nutritional Medicine

What is Nutritional Medicine?

Nutrition is the relationship of foods to the health of the human body.  Each essential nutrient has a specific role to play in the body.  All nutrients need to be supplied to the body to maintain optimal health.

Your diet could be contributing to your unwellness of lack of vitality. In addition, stress, pollution and other lifestyle factors may increase your need for nutrients.

Nutritional Medicine is based on the belief that subclinical vitamin or mineral deficiencies or the ability to digest and absorb same, can reduce the body’s ability to function at its optimum level.  Some health conditions may also be caused by allergies or intolerance to various foods.

Our Naturopaths will consider any nutritional deficiencies or excess and provide advice on nutritional supplements and how to change your diet to improve health, increase your physical and mental well being and your resistance to dis-ease.

Functional Pathology

Why would I have Functional Pathology?

In some cases, we need more information about what is happening inside you and generalized and functional pathology testing are tools that our Naturopaths use.

This helps us to understand what functional, biochemical, nutritional, digestive, immune, hormonal changes may be influencing or affecting your health.  This information is then utilized when developing your treatment plan.  


I know it is beneficial, but why is Detox important?

Detoxification is nothing new.  People have been fasting and cleansing throughout the ages – historical references date back to 2700 BC!!

Given the world that we live in and the lifestyles that we lead it is increasingly obvious that there is a greater need for more awareness generally, but also a need for us to assist our bodies as they constantly work to repair damage and protect us as best they can from all that we are exposed to  – pollution in the air we breathe; chemicals we are exposed to; food exposed to modern farming methods and storage. 

Our body is constantly working via pathways of detoxification to process and eliminate toxins – the lungs, liver, bowel, kidneys and skin being our major eliminative organs, as well as the blood and lymphatic system.

How do I know if I need a Detox?

The short answer is everyone may benefit from a detox at least once in a 12 month period.  Have a look at the list of symptoms below and if you have 3 or more of the symptoms below and/or 3 or more of the lifestyle habits, it may be an indication that your body is showing signs of toxicity and that a detox may be a great way to reduce that overload.

A few common symptoms of toxic overload are:

  • Waking up feeling tired, sluggish, fatigued
  • Problems concentrating, staying focused or short-term memory
  • Digestive disturbances – gas, bloating, cramps, indigestion, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation
  • Sugar craving
  • Joint or back pain
  • Regular headaches
  • Bad breath or a coated tongue
  • Dull skin, eczema, psoriasis

Along with these symptoms, our day-to-day environment and lifestyle can add to the strain – check the list below and see how many apply to you:

  • Use of chemical domestic cleaning products, insect sprays etc.
  • Exposure to chemicals at work
  • Antibiotics in the last 12 months
  • Regular medications – either prescription or over the counter (including the pill)
  • A diet high in sugar or processed foods
  • Smoking – tobacco or recreational
  • Drinking 3 or more coffees a day
  • Drinking alcohol regularly
  • Drinking less the 1.5-2 L water a day

Can I have a Colonic when I am detoxing?

Absolutely!  We often hear of clients trying the over-the-counter detox kits and complain of headaches and nausea.  Firstly, Our Naturopaths recommend your detox is conducted after you have had a thorough assessment and have herbal or nutritional support to ensure your detox is effective without unpleasant side effects.

We find incorporating Colonics increase the effectiveness of the detoxification process and make the whole process more comfortable without the side effects.  Our Detox programs at Nurtura Health, like all of our treatment programs, are individually assessed and planned with a personalised prescription for supporting nutritional or herbal preparations.