Our Approach

Integrated Naturopathy & Functional Medicine

Looking behind the symptoms for better health

At Nurtura Health our highly qualified and experienced Naturopaths are trained to provide specialist healthcare by blending the best of Naturopathic Philosophies, Functional Medicine and Natural Therapies to help you to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Our approach uses a strong emphasis on discovering the unique causes of your health concerns. We merge key aspects of modern science, traditional knowledge and years of experience in clinical practice to help you achieve your best health possible. Treatments aim to support and aid the body to heal itself and restore functions that have been compromised through lifestyle, genetic predisposition or dietary imbalances.

Functional Medicine is a science-based field of healthcare that considers the core clinical imbalances that underlie a dis-ease or condition and how to correct it. It helps connect the dots for you so you can understand how you got here, and what you need to do to get better.

When you come to Nurtura Health, you already have specific health goals in mind. It may be to have more energy and not feel so tired. It may be to be able to enjoy food without indigestion, bloating and bowel issues. It may be that you haven’t felt well (really well) for years, and there have been no solutions. It may be that you struggle to breathe, have constant coughing, and have been told the next step is an oxygen bottle. It may be that you wake every day with a headache, have severe PMT, live with backache, or just aren’t coping.

You are a real person! You have real pain or discomfort or just aren’t happy with how you feel. Your body is a whole system, not many little isolated or detached organs or limbs. At Nurtura Health our goal is to support you on your journey back to the best health possible for your age and stage of life and to achieve your health goals. How, you ask?

By reviewing your current and past health history, your genetic, diet and lifestyle factors, thorough assessment and review of pathology tests, your Naturopath will make a plan that puts you in charge of your health. With compliance and support, you may feel the difference in yourself and understand how to preserve your own and your loved ones’ health for the future.

Naturopathy and Functional Medicine Consultations are suited to all ages for acute or general health concerns; and especially in complex or chronic conditions when you know something is not right, but you have been told everything is in ‘normal range’ – the ‘invisible illness.’

Our Naturopathic Process


Let’s talk about YOU

If you have not seen a Naturopath before, it is a different type of health CARE. We give you time. We look at you as a whole person, not just a symptom. You will tell us ‘what’ is wrong. We need to establish ‘why’. We need to support you with the ‘how’ solution to relieve your pain or discomfort, and for you to achieve/regain and maintain optimal health.

Your body does not just develop dis-ease on its own, there are always underlying factors. Your life experience is an important part of that story when it comes to your current health.

As many of our clients travel to Nurtura Health from Brisbane, regional areas or interstate, we offer extra time during your Initial Comprehensive Consultation which includes several health assessments. Our Naturopaths have found from experience, taking the extra time with you and addressing your health concerns carefully and thoroughly during your initial appointment, gives the best long term health outcome.

1. Initial comprehensive consultation

This is a 1.5-2 hour extended consultation to allow us to hear your health story, including personal and family history, the circumstances around your first symptoms – how you have become unwell, what happened when, and any other concerns.
We will ask you to complete one or more questionnaires prior to this consultation. Your Naturopath will review these before your appointment. This information gives your Naturopath direction to more easily discuss your health concerns. We may ask for copies of any recent blood tests, scans, x rays or other information regarding recent or chronic health events.

Included in this consultation are:

Optional tests include:

If your Naturopath feels it is necessary, additional Pathology may be requested. Your experienced Naturopath will explore what is wrong; why has your health been affected – what has or is contributing to or underlying your symptoms; and how can you have relief or achieve and maintain optimal health.

By investing this time and effort upfront, our experienced Naturopaths help many clients get to the bottom of often perplexing and elusive long-standing health issues.

2. Treatment plan

Your experienced Naturopath will use a thoughtful decision process to give you a truly personalised treatment plan that addresses your symptoms or health goals. This may include nutritional or herbal medicine, natural therapies, or dietary and lifestyle advice. The unique prescribing method our naturopaths have developed allows a personalised and precise prescription to support healing and therapeutic changes in your body. Your recommended treatment plan will be discussed with you.

Our Naturopaths find that using this integrative approach to restoring health and wellness gives the support you need for the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

3. Follow-up appointments

It is important, particularly in the initial stages of treatment, that your health progress is monitored and evaluated. This appointment may include VegaTest Review or QuadScan Body Composition Analysis which gives an objective measurement of your progress or challenges. Your Naturopath will review your progress, address any concerns, and if necessary, adjust your prescription or treatment program to ensure you are achieving symptom resolution and improvements on your journey back to better health.

4. Acute appointments

This half-hour appointment is available for acute conditions or injuries of recent onset. It includes any relevant health assessment. If further assessment, pathology or other therapies are indicated they will be discussed. If indicated, an acute prescription will be prepared by one of our experienced Naturopaths.

5. Annual wellbeing appointments

Recommended to review and update your treatment plan and supplements for long term vitality, health and wellbeing. It is recommended to have a QuadScan Body Composition Analysis included in this appointment to objectively measure the parameters to ensure there have been no negative changes that need to be addressed.

We are all on a wellness journey. It is the actions we take every day that define our destination. Let us give you the information you need to begin to take steps on your healing journey back to optimal health and wellbeing – to enjoy the life you live!

We welcome working as part of a collaborative care team with General Practitioners, Specialists or other Allied Health Practitioners. Our Naturopaths commonly work with the following health concerns:

  • Babies and children’s health issues – colic, constipation, bedwetting, frequent infections, rashes
  • Student’s and teenagers’ issues – stress, focus, anxiety, skin, gut health, fatigue, sleep, dietary
  • Digestive problems – Constipation, bloating, IBS, reflux, infections, SIBO, dysbiosis, nausea
  • Stress and fatigue – no energy, anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted, comfort eating, insomnia
  • Pain and inflammation – headaches, shoulder tension, joint pain, muscle soreness, stiffness
  • Infections – bacterial, viral, glandular fever, shingles, herpes, ENT, sinus, kidney and bladder
  • Emotional health – anxiety, depression, mood issues, not coping, foggy, no focus, overwhelmed
  • Reproductive hormone and fertility – PMS, Endometriosis, PCOS, Menopause, infertility
  • Male hormone and fertility – toxin exposure, reproductive health, prostate problems, libido
  • Autoimmune dis-eases – thyroid, CFS, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis
  • Weight and dietary issues – underweight or overweight – solutions, support, resolution
  • Food allergies and intolerances – what is underlying and how to get relief from symptoms
  • Skin issues – allergy, deficiency, digestion, diet and lifestyle, toxic exposure, infections
  • Anti-ageing – support to defy the years, stay mentally alert and physically active as you age
  • Integrative support during conventional medical treatments for cancer and chronic dis-eases
  • Health checks – intervention to maintain wellness, rather than treating sickness or dis-ease

Invest in Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Health

To learn more about our services or to make an appointment call us on 0741 534 112.

Functional Nutritional Medicine and Nutrition

A healthier solution that’s catered just for you

Different diets, foods and nutrients provide varying health benefits to our bodies. A balanced diet is essential for good health and your Naturopath will discuss your diet and nutritional requirements. Functional Nutrition is a science-based field of healthcare that considers the clinical imbalances that underlie a dis-ease or condition and how it can be corrected.

When your Naturopath considers Functional Nutrition, they understand your biochemical uniqueness, and that each person’s path to dis-ease or health is different. It is knowing what key life-sustaining substances are really doing in the body and asking the question, “Are they truly supporting health in this particular person’s body the way they should be?”

Any nutritional supplements are individually prescribed to you according to your nutritional requirements (why you are deficient and how they are going to improve your health).

Nurtura Health has a large Dispensary with the best quality nutritional medicines (liquids, tablets and powders) available, with guaranteed effective ingredients, and backed by the best scientific research.

Functional Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is an effective natural treatment

Functional Herbal therapy describes a new system of Western herbal prescribing that draws on the modern concept of functional medicine, but it is also rooted in traditional herbal wisdom. It embraces the phytochemistry in individual herbs and how that can be used to make corrective changes for better health. 

Functional Herbal Medicine is a highly effective treatment option utilising modern scientific herbal practices backed up by as many as 30,000 published clinical trials. This validates our understanding of the traditional uses, therapeutic constituents, actions and interactions of each herb. Herbal Medicine can be used to treat both acute and chronic or complex health conditions. 

Nurtura Health carries a large dispensary of liquid and tabletted herbal remedies, scientifically assayed for the highest quality active ingredients and effectiveness. The benefit of using the whole herb versus an extract or isolate is the synergy of the active ingredients of the whole plant which increases effectiveness without side effects. 

Our Dispensary

Quality nutritional and herbal medicines in stock

At Nurtura Health, our modern nutritional and herbal medicine dispensary stocks a large range of pharmaceutical-grade practitioner-only products that comply with the high standards of the Therapeutic Goods Administration. This means that they are well-researched medicines of the highest quality and therapeutic efficacy that will be prescribed specifically for you by one of our dedicated Naturopaths.

It is reassuring to know your TGA approved practitioner-only medicines are supported by process validation, stability trials, and unique testing methods and have extensive high quality published scientific evidence.

Nurtura Health is happy to fill prescriptions from other practitioners if you are visiting our area, or unable to source your products. You will need a valid prescription from your Practitioner, or you can check if you have a valid prescription on file at Nurtura Health.

To repeat-order your Nutritional Supplements or Herbal Remedies from Nurtura Health Dispensary contact us on 0741 534 112.

Dietary and Lifestyle Advice

Learn how you can start loving your body

If it is pertinent to your health condition or health goals, our Naturopaths will go through your diet and work, life and exercise routine. Sometimes these factors need significant upgrades and other times small changes can make a major difference to how you are feeling or your health.

Nutrition is the science of food, the nutrients in foods, and how the body uses them. Our nutritional status is affected by what we eat, how we digest and absorb the nutrients, our metabolism, transport, storage and excretion of those nutrients.

Our diet plays a leading role in the health of our gut and our gut microbiome. Our nutritional status is affected by the environmental, psychological and behavioural aspects of food and eating.

Any advice given by our Naturopaths will be simple, logical and achievable. We support you to reverse current issues and to educate you on how to prevent further issues and maintain better health.