Clinical Services

Health and Functional Medicine Assessment

Nurtura Health offers a range of In-Clinic Reviews and Pathology Testing for better health outcomes

Nurtura Health offers a range of In-Clinic Reviews, Functional Medicine and Pathology Testing for better health outcomes. Using Naturopathy and Functional Medicine, we consider what your symptoms are, why illness has occurred and how we can help you gain relief or regain optimal health. By addressing the underlying cause, not just symptoms, our Naturopaths acknowledge the complexity of dis-ease. We rely on evidence-based testing to get to the bottom of your symptoms and provide individualised treatment plans that work.

Iridology (Iris Photography)

Your eyes reflect a unique image

Iridology is the study of the iris, one of the most intricate and captivating tissue structures in the body. Iridology is a traditional Naturopathic technique and may prompt your Naturopath to ask further questions about your lifestyle and your past and current state of health.

Our Naturopaths are interested in observing:

  • Colour and structure variations
  • Responsiveness of the pupil
  • Unique markings on the iris
  • Microcirculation of the sclera
Imagine the eye as a screen on which the central and autonomic nervous systems project information about what is happening all over the body. The markings, colour and pattern of your iris reflect your unique genetic inheritance. Like fingerprints, no two irises are alike.

Nurtura Health uses Iris Photography. You will receive photos of your iris with a report. Our Naturopaths are Certified in Iridology. Any observations will be discussed with you as part of your Comprehensive Initial Consultation. Iridology and interpretation are available as an Acute Consultation.

If you are interested in Iridology, contact the Nurtura Health team on 0741 534 112.

QuadScan Body Composition Analysis
– Body composition and cellular health

QuadScan, using a scientific Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis scanner, gives a detailed report of your overall health at a cellular level. Your cellular health is determined by fluid levels, both inside cells and in tissues; lean muscle mass; fat mass; toxicity and inflammation.

QuadScan is included in your Comprehensive Initial Consultation and your Naturopath will go through the detailed report with you. It gives a snapshot of your current health and wellbeing and can be used to monitor your progress to ensure you are getting measurable and positive health results from your diet and lifestyle changes or your targeted treatment plan.

QuadScan can be useful in clients wanting:

  • Higher energy levels
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Muscle tone and fitness
  • Healthy ageing

Nurtura Health is a certified QuadScan clinic and Naturopaths Colin and Olive Harris are certified QuadScan practitioners. They have undergone extensive training to maximise health and vitality and healthy ageing using this science. QuadScan, with interpretation, is available as an independent test. You will receive a copy of the detailed QuadScan report.

For an appointment or more information contact Nurtura Health on 0741 534 112.

Physical Exam Assessment




Skin & Nails

Blood Pressure

Peripheral Circulation



These are all important parameters in assessing your health.

VegaTest Review

The Naturopaths at Nurtura Health understand functional disturbances and energy levels may affect many body systems and organ functions. Included in all consultations they will do a VegaTest Review to observe any changes or disturbances in your energy field.

Certain conditions of ill-health may begin at an energetic level and an imbalance may occur before a dis-ease state is evident. Your Naturopath will consider what may be influencing your overall health. During their comprehensive assessment, they will highlight areas of imbalance.

The Naturopaths at Nurtura Health have developed a process for assessing remedies for both effectiveness and tolerance, and over many years of experience, they have found this approach useful in their prescribing.

All observations gathered during this thorough consultation process will be discussed with you, and you will have copies of any assessments that have been done.

Zinc Level Test

A simple oral Zinc Taste Test offers a quick and reliable way to determine the level of zinc in your body. Low zinc levels are very common at all ages and can be associated with:
  • Lowered immunity
  • Recurrent infections
  • Wound healing
  • Bone structure
  • Food sensitivities and allergies
  • Skin disorders and hair loss
  • Behaviour in children
  • Infertility
  • Depression
  • Prostatic hyperplasia
  • Insomnia
  • Teenage Acne

For more information or an appointment contact Nurtura Health on 0741 534 112.


A urinary pH test measures the acid/alkaline balance of your system. Virtually all degenerative dis-eases may be associated with excess acidity in the body. These imbalances may be rectified using diet, nutritional and herbal medicine.

Your Naturopath may also look at Ketones, Glucose, or other parameters if you have a urinary tract infection as part of your health assessment and to support your treatment plan.

For more information or an appointment contact Nurtura Health on 0741 534 112.

Pathology Review or Request

Looking at your biochemical individuality

When your Naturopath reviews your recent pathology tests they will look at “functional” or “healthy” ranges.

If your Naturopath is concerned about any of your risk factors and how they can be averted, or to look deeper into your complex health concerns, they can offer you any of the standard but specific functional pathology tests as follows without needing a request from your general practitioner:

  • Anaemia Review Profile
  • Fatigue Panel Bundle
  • Blood Health Profile
  • Gastrointestinal Profile Bundle
  • Bone Health Bundle
  • Immunity Profile Bundle
  • Inflammation Bundle
  • Mag Advanced Bundle
  • Cardiovascular Basic Lipid Bundle
  • Kidney Review Bundle
  • Minerals Bundle
  • Diabetes Review Bundle
  • Thyroid Review Bundle
  • Sexual Health Review
  • Coeliac Dis-ease Review Bundle

The blood tests are taken at a local Pathology Collection Centre. Most test results are available within 2 business days from the time of sample collection. Some tests may take longer depending on complexity and geographic location. Fees apply and are payable at the time of ordering the tests.

In addition Nurtura Health can offer a comprehensive range of Functional Medicine Testing including:
  • Hair analysis – 39 elements
  • FIT 132 Food Inflammation
  • Organic Acids Test
  • Precision Allergy 88
  • Mirobiology Profile – Bacteria & Yeasts Culture
  • SIBO Advanced Test (Lactulose & Glucose)
  • Mycotox Profile
  • DUTCH Complete – Oestrogen & Metabolites

The results of these tests may help us to understand more about your biochemical uniqueness and what functional, biochemical, nutritional, digestive, immune and hormonal changes might need to be targeted for you to achieve and maintain optimal health and vitality.

For more information on how we can help you please contact us on 0741 534 112.

Live Blood Microscopy

At Nurtura Health we have the facilities to observe live blood in real-time. We take a drop of blood and view it under a powerful medical microscope. Images can be displayed onto a computer screen and can be observed by yourself and your Naturopath.

A live blood microscopy is an observational tool and may prompt your Naturopath to ask additional questions about your diet, health and lifestyle. Your Naturopath will look at the parameters that make up your blood, including both your red and white blood cells.

Your Naturopath will not use this observation as a stand-alone assessment or for analytical purposes without other clinical subjective and objective findings. Conclusions cannot be reached, nor health advice given based on the observations of this test alone.

For more information on how we can help you please contact us.

Microbiome Screening and Interpretation

A healthy gut is essential for health

An individual gut can contain over 200 species of micro-organisms, both good and bad. These make up the microbiome and even though we cannot see or feel them, they have a major impact on our health. The microbiome directly or indirectly influences:

  • Digestive System (Mucosa & Motility)
  • Immune System (Frequent Infections, Inflammation, Cancer)
  • Metabolic Health (Obesity, Heart Dis-ease & Diabetes)
  • Detoxification (Accumulated Toxins)
  • Nervous System Health (Emotional Health, Memory, Anxiety & Depression)

More importantly, an imbalance of beneficial ‘gut bugs’ can sometimes signal potential illness long before any other symptoms appear.

Nurtura Health offers a Microbiome Sequencing Test that gives a comprehensive picture of the spectrum of microbes in your gut in order to:

  • Detect and identify all relevant species
  • Detect bacteria & fungi
  • Ascertain functional potential
  • Identify previously unknown species

From your results, your Naturopath at Nurtura Health can gain an understanding of how your unique microbiome may be affecting your health and create a targeted treatment plan specifically for you. You will have a copy of the detailed report.

Contact Nurtura Health on 0741 534 112 to learn more about Microbiome.

Omega-3 Index Blood Test

Don’t guess what you can test

The Omega-3 Index Blood Test is a revolutionary simple finger prick test to assess your omega-3 status. Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) are essential nutrients shown to reduce inflammation, support cardiovascular health, promote brain function, and support foetal development during pregnancy but the body can’t produce them.

The Omega-3 Index test is a measure of the amount of EPA and DHA in the blood, specifically the red blood cell membranes. The results of an Omega-3 Index test are provided as a percentage. An Omega-3 Index of 8-12% is associated with overall health. People with 4% or lower are in the highest risk zone for heart dis-ease and chronic inflammation.

 Low omega-3 levels may be associated with a multitude of health issues such as:

  • Heart Dis-ease
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s Dis-ease
  • Infant Health Neurodevelopment
  • Cognitive Function
  • Depression
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Inflammatory Bowel Dis-ease
  • ADHD, Childhood Allergies
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Dry Eye Dis-ease

In 2020, chronic pain and inflammation were restricting the activities of 56% of the population in Australia. The good news is risk factors can be modified to slow or halt the progression of dis-eases by knowing and addressing individual levels with a high-quality pure supplement at the correct individual dose. What would you score?

For an Omega-3 Index Blood Test or for further information contact Nurtura Health on 0741 534 112.

Fitgenes DNA Genetic Test

Make better choices by knowing your genes

DNA testing is a pathway more people are following towards better health in the present and for future years. Fitgenes testing can give you personalised solutions to manage immediate challenges like weight loss or food sensitivities. The genetic tests and programs also address long term personal goals relating to healthy ageing and lifestyle.

The Naturopaths at Nurtura Health are Accredited Fitgenes Practitioners and are excited to introduce the Fitgenes system to clinical practice. Fitgenes enables our Naturopaths to understand the causes or drivers of dis-ease from a genetic perspective. It is SYSTEMS medicine, not symptoms medicine so it operates on a whole new level.

Fitgenes profile reports are unique and provide a powerful resource to design for you a highly personalised health plan in conjunction with our current Naturopathic and Functional Medicine practice. Fitgenes analyses a select range of genes that are key influencers of your general health, wellbeing and performance. Areas like:

 Low omega-3 levels may be associated with a multitude of health issues such as:

  • Inflammation
  • Cell Defence
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Detoxification/Methylation
  • Cholesterol Regulation
  • Vitamin D Receptors
  • Homocysteine Metabolism
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Fat Metabolism

Fitgenes aims to help you reach your health goal and increase your potential for Healthy Living and Healthy Ageing.

These genes are instrumental in the understanding of complex and chronic dis-eases including autoimmune dis-ease, cardiovascular dis-ease as well as weight control, hormonal issues, fertility, fatigue and unexplained illness.

A gene is, essentially, a DNA sequence that produced a molecule with a function.

The interaction between your genes and the environment (diet, exercise, etc) has the strongest effect on your health.

Diet and Genes interact in a reciprocal way

Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics are the links between diet and genes. Nutrigenetics is the science that studies genetic variants associated with differential response to nutrients, while Nutrigenomics is a whole system approach that investigates how nutrients can affect gene expression. Other factors such as exercise and lifestyle, can also affect gene expression.

Once your DNA and genes are analysed by Fitgenes, a report is created which contains information about the genetic variants you might have in your genes. These variants influence your fitness, body composition, health concerns now and in the future and what nutrition and dietary choices are best for you.

Are you ready to discover the powerful interaction between genetics, diet, exercise and lifestyle to meet your personal health and wellness goals?

Clinical Treatments

Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation)

Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation) is a safe, gentle and highly effective therapy for cleansing the colon of accumulated waste material.

At Nurtura Health we believe the state of the digestive system has a significant relationship with physical and emotional wellbeing and vitality. Medical research is now linking the origin of many chronic dis-eases to a poor functioning digestive system. In particular, the link between gut health, gut microbial diversity, immune response, energy and mood levels.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have regular bowel movements and still be constipated. Accumulated wastes, mucus and gas in the colon may compromise healthy peristaltic action, resulting in incomplete though frequent bowel movements. If health is compromised by your body’s failure to eliminate waste, healing may be enhanced by supporting and regaining healthy elimination.

Nurtura Health has offered Colon Hydrotherapy since 1993. Colin and Olive Harris have undertaken advanced training in Australia and the USA; are both certified in Colon Hydrotherapy and have trained other Practitioners. Jess, Remedial Massage Therapist and certified Colon Hydrotherapist, has been doing colonic irrigation at Nurtura Health since 2014.

Nurtura Health features a defined and private treatment area with two custom-built treatment rooms with modern ‘closed system’ colonic equipment to meet the latest standards from the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy. For hygiene, all tubing and speculums are in enclosed single-use packs and disposable. A Practitioner is in attendance for the treatment, which is safe, discreet, hygienic and effective. You may benefit from Colon Hydrotherapy if you have:

  • Constipation or diverticulosis
  • Bloating, irritable bowel syndrome
  • Diarrhea, incontinence or urgency
  • Headaches or chronic pain
  • Difficulty losing or gaining weight
  • Fluid retention or dehydration
  • Acne, skin rashes
  • Fatigue, lack of concentration

Many have found that the positive effects gained from Colon Hydrotherapy go beyond relief from their digestive and bowel issues and regularly comment on having more energy; feeling mentally clearer; having fewer headaches, clearer skin and less inflammation. They feel motivated to make other positive dietary and lifestyle changes, resulting in further improvement of their health and vitality. Our Naturopaths are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health, energy and enjoyment of life.

Talk to the Nurtura Health team to learn more about how Colon Hydrotherapy might help you reach your health potential and schedule an appointment today.

Bowen Therapy

Nurtura Health clients have been getting relief from pain and discomfort, and improved health outcomes with the integration of Bowen Therapy into their treatment plans since 1993. Bowen is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue (fascia) therapy. It uses subtle inputs (known as moves) to the body, stimulating the body to heal itself, often profoundly. Bowen Therapy can provide relief for many types of injuries and other health problems, both acute and chronic. It works holistically, via the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Bowen Therapy delivers signals to the nervous system at specific locations on muscles, tendons, ligaments, or nerves. The body responds in its own time, within its vital capacity.

Bowen Therapy addresses the entire body, by restoring balance via the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS controls over 80% of bodily functions and is very susceptible to stressors. Most people today live in a constant state of high stress and over-stimulation (fight, flight, freeze mode). Healing can occur after the ANS shifts from stressed to rest, relax, repair mode.

The Bowen technique is safe to use on anyone, from newborns to the elderly and for any musculoskeletal or related neuromuscular complaint. The therapist uses light, cross-fibre moves over muscle, tendon or ligament with no forceful manipulation. A treatment will typically last between 30 minutes and one hour. The Naturopath may leave the room for periods of two to five minutes at a time during treatment. This allows your body to respond. As the nervous system begins to adjust the tension levels in the muscles or connective tissue, treatment will continue.

Bowen is not an ongoing therapy. The person may experience relief after just the first session and significant resolution or recovery within three sessions. However, chronic or long-standing conditions or repeat injury may require additional treatments.

  • Headaches, neck and shoulder tension
  • Sciatica, low back pain
  • Shin splints, Achilles tendon tightness
  • Tennis elbow and carpal tunnel
  • Bedwetting in children
  • Relief of tension and stress
  • Colic and restlessness in babies
  • Infertility

Nurtura Health has purpose-designed beds for Bowen Therapy to aid in relaxation during treatment for the best outcome. Clients report the experience as relief of pain and, improvement in function and recovery of energy.

Would you like to try a session of Bowen Therapy? Contact our team to see how it can help you.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is a modality that incorporates numerous techniques to locate and treat musculoskeletal imbalances and chronic or acute pain. It involves the manipulation of soft tissues for therapeutic purposes. It may be applied for any of the following:

  • Alleviating discomfort in the body’s musculoskeletal system
  • Improving the function of joints and muscles
  • Activating the body’s rehabilitation and healing response
  • Promote blood flow and drainage to injured areas
  • Reducing tension and stress, physical and emotional
  • Reducing damaged cells, scar tissue and adhesions from injury

Remedial massage has been found to be particularly useful for neck and shoulder discomfort; lower back pain; tension; headaches; sore joints and congestion.

Our Therapists can modify remedial massage to suit your preferences. It is often requested to support relaxation and relieve stress and tension associated with day-to-day lifestyle pressures at home or at work.

Would you like to try a session of Remedial Massage? Contact our team to see how it can help you.

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage or lymphatic drainage is a gentle, flowing massage used to stimulate the circulation of lymph fluid around the body. It improves circulation, increases your metabolic rate, and has the potential to enhance your immunity. It is very beneficial in post-operative conditions or injuries that impact your lymphatic system.

Lymphatic drainage massage makes a useful addition to cleansing, detox and weight-loss programs. By reducing the volume of retained fluid and the associated pressure, it can reduce the risk of impeded circulation. This volume reduction increases your circulatory system’s capacity to move out retained fluids and any toxic waste build-up rapidly. In some cases, we have found that a patient feels quite “energised” post-drainage. Some of the conditions which may benefit from Lymphatic Massage are:

  • Chronic fluid retention in legs or arms
  • Fibromyalgia and lupus
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Hormonal and Emotional imbalances
  • Cellulite fat accumulation
A lymphatic massage session will take from thirty minutes up to one and a half hours with focus on a particular limb or body part or full body as needed. Essential oils are used according to the desired effect and the individual client.

Would you like to try a session of Lymphatic Massage? Contact our team to see how it can help you.