Why are you always so tired?


We understand there’s challenges of work life balance, or the pressures of raising a family.  We understand you have ambitions to get established financially and a desire to have a comfortable retirement. 

But why are you always tired?

As is the case with all health symptoms or issues; for every individual person, there’s a different and unique reason why they struggle through the day. Why they feel so tired they constantly reach for one more cup of coffee, cola or something sweet; come home too tired to support or interact with family; feel overwhelmed with business pressures; have trouble unwinding to sleep and struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Sound familiar?

A full blood test is important to establish if there are any immune challenges or iron deficiency and to rule out any serious underlying dis-eases.  However, if ‘everything is in normal range’ – it may be time to look for ‘functional’ imbalances i.e. which organs are not functioning to capacity; what is underlying those imbalances, and what may be done to restore function and energy – bringing back the ‘life’ to your everyday.  

The Naturopaths at Nurtura Health use Meta Scan and Vega Testing to assess cellular energy, inflammation and body composition; and to analyse factors indicating which organ function, deficiencies or imbalances may be contributing to your tiredness.

The underlying factors may be thyroid – putting on weight, aching joints, and a sluggish bowel; pancreas – falling asleep when you sit down, and constantly hungry; adrenal – feeling overwhelmed and too tired to cope; depression – where you have lost interest in trying anymore; liver & bowel – inability to detoxify causing headaches, nausea, skin itching; hormone imbalances – in females, changes in estrogen can make the person feel like a corpse, with a 1,000 jobs to do and no energy; and in a males with low testosterone, there is just no energy or mental capacity for thinking – ‘old man syndrome’. Testosterone peaks at 28 years old!!

Metabolic fatigue results when the cells can’t produce enough energy.  These cells need amino acids, minerals and B vitamins in addition to a balanced diet and exercise program.  Take the guesswork out of your tiredness, and let our Naturopaths Colin & Olive Harris, help you get back to enjoying life, with renewed energy and focus.