Stressed, overwhelmed and not coping?

Many of the acute and chronic stressors that can lead to feelings of overwhelm or inability to cope are, in fact, unavoidable. This may be due to the fast-paced nature of life in the modern world or those once in a lifetime events that bring unexpected negative impacts that take time to recover from. These can lead to feeling:

  • Anxious and Tense
  • Flat and Exhausted
  • Wired and Tired
  • Lethargic with Low Mood

Even if these feelings start off manageable, they may begin to worsen over time in the absence of positive coping mechanisms or effective interventions. This may lead to more significant mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety. A growing body of evidence also suggests a link between prolonged stress and conditions such as cardiovascular disease and chronic fatigue.

It may be useful to approach holistic stress management from the following three angles:

Targeting Symptoms
Naturally calming therapeutic inputs such as magnesium may be useful in a program aimed at reducing the tension and the sensation of being overwhelmed. Similarly, in cases of stress-related exhaustion, active B vitamins with magnesium may work together to help support healthy adrenal function. 

Restoring Balance
Having addressed the symptoms, the next priority should be addressing any underlying imbalances. Studies have suggested a link between the use of B-Complex vitamins and mood improvement while the potential mental health benefits of probiotics were explored in a 2016 Harvard study. These and other complementary therapies may be useful in restoring balance.

Rebuilding Resilience
Building resilience may be one of the most important factors in dealing with stress and avoiding more significant challenges later on. This may involve lifestyle modifications, assessments of support systems, the inclusion of mindfulness, seeking professional counselling and many other adaptations that aren’t available as supplements.

At Nurtura Health, we practise Functional Medicine that works with people holistically rather than singling out one challenge to treat in isolation. Our dispensary has quality nutritional supplements and we offer clinical services from multiple modalities that you may include in your regimen for maintaining wellbeing. If you’ve been having difficulty with feelings of overwhelm, feel free to contact us and discuss your needs and how we might approach them.

It is the actions we take every day that define our destination. Let us give you the information you need to begin to take steps on your healing journey back to optimal health and wellbeing – to enjoy the life you live!