Are You Over Being Tired?

Have you just woken up after a full night’s sleep, yet are reaching for coffee after coffee to keep you going throughout the day?

Do you ever wonder why this is the case or why some people seem to buzz with vitality?

Numerous factors may contribute to feeling tired and lethargic…

  1. Are you overworked?
  2. Are your hormones in balance?
  3. Is your diet clean?
  4. Are you low in iron?
  5. Do you have a nutrient deficiency?
  6. Is your thyroid underactive?

At work are you taking time out for your breaks and meals? You should be moving about getting up from your chair or resting after walking around. Taking work home with you can burn you out also. But what can you do to improve your work-life balance? Make a commitment to switch off after work. It can be as simple as thinking about something other than tomorrow’s to-do list. Try listening to a podcast, music, or exercise to shift the focus to leisure.

Hormones when unbalanced are like having a set of scales tipped to one side, uneven. When balanced with herbs, therapies, and a lifestyle review, the good news is that you can feel whole again. Ask us how we can assist you!

A diet that is full of protein and vegetables, nuts, legumes, removing energy drinks, and processed foods will do wonders for your body. When chemicals are consumed your body has to go into overdrive to try to filter them out. We suggest that you start to gradually swap processed foods for whole foods.

Iron and anemia may also be worth considering. Is your body absorbing iron? If you eat red meat a simple way to increase iron absorption is by adding a squeeze of lime or lemon to your meat. The vitamins and minerals in the citrus work with the iron and create a beautiful dance that magically increases your iron. However, supplements for chronic cases may be needed. Please discuss your needs with us.

As too with a clean diet, sometimes even though you are eating the rainbow, you may still require additional supplements. Our bodies are remarkable, yet at times can still become nutrient deficient. Let us look into your daily life.

A happy thyroid means a happy life. The thyroid is what metabolises food and hormones and is essential for a high quality of life. Unsure of what your thyroid is doing and how it is functioning? You’re tired and need some answers?! At Nurtura Health we can provide you with a full examination.

Make tiredness and lethargy a thing of the past. Allow us to determine any underlying causes that need to be addressed, because we know that to lead a full life you must feel alive, vital, and be able to have endurance and concentration throughout your day.

All treatment plans are set individually as everyone is different. Speak to one of our Naturopaths today!