Beat the Winter Blues!

Winter can be your happy season!
Whether you love or hate winter, we have some tips and suggestions to help you manage the chill factor. Our survival guide is practical, fun and requires little effort. So you are all set to beat the winter blues with just a little planning and action. Who knows, you might plan ahead for next year and partake in shuffling the furniture around to reinvigorate your senses. Add some extra lighting to your environment, and maybe even go on a shopping spree and brighten your winter attire. You could even take more warm, hydrating and soothing baths with essential oils. But for now, start with our easy guide, then set a goal for next winter. Because when you set a goal, your cognition loves to make it happen due to the adrenalin pumping in anticipation of what if…Why wait!

First Aid for the cold and flu season.
Yes, winter has arrived. And maybe you haven’t had a cold or the flu yet, but if you do, here are some things to help you prepare. Seek good quality supplements such as Vitamin C, Zinc, Quercetin, and the herbal heavyweight blend of Andro NK. This potent formula is proven in 33 clinical trials to speed up recovery and lessen symptoms due to stimulating the defence of your immune system. Therefore, there is no time like the present to ask one of our Naturopaths about your winter first aid supplement kit. You’ll be thankful you were prepared!

But wait! There’s more!
Soup can also boost your immune system this winter. Especially mushroom soup. Did you know mushrooms have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries? ‘Shroom soup can:

  • Reduce and relieve mucus build-up
  • Help manage mild upper respiratory tract infections
  • Reduce fatigue by enhancing energy and stamina
  • Support the immune system and complement other supplements
  • Mushrooms act as an antibacterial agent

So, before a cold or flu hits, take the time to make some delicious and nutritious soup. Chop up some garlic for added antibiotic properties due to its bioactive compounds. Another healing soup that can ease symptoms is chicken soup made using whole chicken pieces on the bone, left to break down in the slow cooker. The therapeutic agents of the collagen in the bones are known to boost your white blood cells called neutrophils, thus helping fight any infection.

Another essential first aid winter item is herbal teas with honey, preferably Manuka honey, to maintain hydration. And we have a wonderful range of organic teas in clinic. So grab some when you are in next! Try peppermint tea, ginger tea, lemon tea or an immune tea. Steeped with Manuka honey’s active ingredients that are antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and also a powerful antioxidant, this sweet accompaniment to your tea will soothe a sore throat and assist in decongestion.

What can you do to enhance your mood this winter season?
Winter generally involves staying warm, wrapped up, and snuggled indoors with loved ones or a pet. However, the lack of sunshine can put a damper on your mood. Besides rugging up and grabbing some essential winter rays, you can add supplements to your winter routine to increase your mood. Perfect winter companions include a good multivitamin and B supplement combined with quality magnesium. Also known as the “sunshine herb”, St John’s Wort is a mood enhancer. Take it alongside chamomile tea, and you are all primed, from woe to go. The best way to find what suits you best is by chatting to us, and we can personalise your winter blues plan.

What are some tips to get me out of my winter blues?
You may have heard this before, but the blues isn’t a normal state to be in. Regular “blues” could indicate a gut health issue, so if you are concerned, contact us. Also, sometimes when your mood is low, this is your body’s way of communicating with you. Your body could be asking you to move more. Simple movements such as shaking your hands and arms about, followed by your legs, even gentle hip movements, and if you can, dance vigorously. When you move, the dormant cells in your body begin to shift.

Something as easy as movement can increase your mood and energy. Uplifting music therapy is another way to get happy. Open up all the windows in the house (temporarily for about 20 minutes), rug up, put the ceiling fans on full ball, turn on the music, and dance around or be silly. This act not only clears any old energy out of your home, but also creates happy endorphins thanks to the combination of music and movement. And if you want to up the ante, take it outside, get some fresh air, and go for a gentle walk while listening to Spotify, leaving the house open to allow fresh and new air in. You could even find a Comedian on YouTube and listen to their online show. Laughter truly is great medicine! The choice is yours. Do something silly and fun, and that old energy will be replaced with happiness and joy.

If you feel you can’t tackle the winter blues alone, contact us and see how we can support you. Book a consultation with one of our friendly Naturopaths at Nurtura Health, right here in beautiful Bundaberg, and let us turn your frown upside down into a beaming smile 🙂