Female Health; through pregnancy, hormones and menopause

Women are complex, extraordinary creatures!
Do you want to feel full of health with less stress? Do you need to learn how to manage the many cycles in your life as a woman? Then in this blog, we’ll discuss hormones, pregnancy, menopause, and how to balance it all through a mind and body experience. By fostering your health, we know you will have a bright and vital future ahead of you. So, how can our friendly Naturopaths support you to move forward today as the strong, powerful woman you are!?

Are you pregnant, or are you a soon-to-be mum? Then it’s time to consider supporting your health and the health of the baby you are about to bring into this world. For a smooth and healthy pregnancy, one of our friendly Naturopaths can set up a pregnancy plan for you. We will discuss the importance of your lifestyle and diet and recommend life-giving supplements to ensure that you and your baby are in the best health. For example, did you know that omega 3’s are essential for brain development in your baby? And that a pregnancy multivitamin can boost any nutritional deficiencies, supporting the nervous system for mum and bub.

Additionally, we can look at including iron, folate, and choline. And adding daily probiotics can benefit the digestive health of you both. So ask us how we can support your pregnancy plans, including any fertility concerns.

Most women dread this time in their life, but at Nurtura Health, we look at menopause differently. We understand that your body is pausing the ability to give birth to children, and this can be daunting. You may feel less than or without purpose. Instead, we think you now have the chance to discover a new purpose and meaning in your life; you!

So if you feel overwhelmed with this change of life, the switch of hormones and hot flashes, and a consensus of struggling to cope, then come and chat with us. We can put not only your mind at ease but offer ways to support any changes through supplements and treatments such as Colon Therapy and Bowen. Please reach out to us, and we’ll do our best to help you enjoy this new season in your life.

Hormonal Health
Let’s face it, women are cyclical with their hormones, and depending on the time of the month or age, we can experience a lot of ranging, no not raging hormones, although that’s possible too! So, if you feel your hormones control your mood and reactions to everyday life, and if you want to regain composure and feel more stable within yourself, we can do functional testing to gauge your oestrogen and progesterone, including thyroid and testosterone levels.

And because we know that hormonal health can be complex, we always recommend a thorough analysis of where you are in your life, including goals, cycles and habits. We will then talk about appropriate treatments to get you on track, regaining control of your hormones and emotions. Ask us how!

Mind Health
There is a lot of taboo about mental health and what you should do. We find that no one person fits into the standard “one box that fixes all” approach. Therefore, we are empathetic with each patient and their varying beliefs, lifestyle, and what has brought them to their current position of seeking additional mental health support.

To manage patients individually is our approach; we find what works best for your circumstances! Together we can review your life and make a plan that feels right for you. Your plan will include our nutritional and herbal products that comply with the high standards of the Therapeutic Goods Administration. These well-researched medicines are of the highest quality and therapeutic efficacy and are prescribed specifically for you by one of our Naturopaths. Additional treatments vary in different cases. Many have found the positive effects gained from Colon Hydrotherapy where they feel mentally clearer and have fewer headaches. What can you lose? Nothing! But you can achieve improved mental health. However, we understand that methods to improve your mental health are personal, so reach out to our friendly team, and we’ll support you through your journey.

Body Health
What do you think it would feel like to have a body that can move freely, that is healthy and that is capable of doing all that you ask of it? This would be amazing and bring joy and fulfilment to your life! However, if it seems as though your body is lacking in something and you just can’t pinpoint what, then let us find out what your body is trying to tell you.

Your total body health should consist of a balanced lifestyle where you understand what you can do to maintain and sustain your unique self. Book a consultation with us for a complete body health review, and we’ll tailor-make a healthy body plan just for you. It doesn’t need to be complicated. It starts with a simple chat.

To summarise, over the lifetime of a woman’s body, it will undergo various stages, including stress caused by physiological changes. And these are all normal! Women will also go through multiple highs that are the magical highlights in their life. But, if you are experiencing more lows than highs, what we aim to achieve for you at Nurtura Health, is to be your one-stop healing practice to assist your transition through the good and the bad stages. We want to see you thrive no matter what you’re going through. So if you’re unsure of what to do, we can be your guiding light for strength, balance and getting the zest back into your life. Contact us at Nurtura Health today. We’d love to celebrate you!