Herbal Medicine May Improve Your Health

Herbs have been used for Centuries.
Herbal medicine is an ancient health management system that has now established its life-giving properties in the 21st century. The combination of plant medicine and earth-based supplements is now proving to be a popular alternative to traditional medicine.

Once upon a time, herbal medicine was doubted. However, through research and test studies, the efficacy of plant power is now turning heads and healing bodies the way nature intended. But some questions do remain. Such as:

Read the answers to these questions below.

How safe is Herbal Medicine?
Like anything in life, be it prescribed medicine or herbal medicine, people can react. So it is always important to consult a professional before taking any medication. Herbal medicines are generally considered a safe and effective way to treat concerns, as they come from nature and are not synthetically made like traditional medicine. However, be mindful that some cheap herbal medicines contain fillers. That is why it’s recommended to have any herbal medicine prescribed by a qualified Naturopath.

What can Herbal Medicine Treat?
Most ailments can be treated with herbal medicine. However, to answer your specific requirements, we suggest booking a consultation with us to ensure that you are treated effectively and responsibly.

Should I go to the Chemist and Dose Myself?
While more and more people are turning to herbal medicine in the belief that plant and earth sources of remedies are free from side effects, that, like anything, is not entirely true. Even modern medicine can produce side effects. Ask yourself this. “Would I prescribe myself drugs that a Dr typically suggests”? Most likely you would answer no. Therefore, we think the same approach applies to herbal medicine. We highly recommend seeing a qualified Naturopath before taking any medicines, plant-based or man-made.

Why should I see a Naturopath for Herbal Medicine?
Our Naturopaths at Nurtura Health have studied extensively to provide you with a healthy alternative that is nature based. With the combination of knowledge, shaped around nutrition, and lifestyle medicine, integrated with herbal medicine, we find this gives our clients a holistic approach to treating and managing ailments and health concerns.

While most herbal medicine is safe to ingest, we will ask about any doctor-prescribed medication you may be taking, during a consultation with us. We ask these questions as some herbs and chemical-based medicines are not recommended to be taken in conjunction with each other. Therefore, when we discuss herbal medicine with you, we also discuss lifestyle, providing education, prevention, and management.

So, from this blog we hope that you understand that herbal medicine is a great, safe and effective way to regain your health. And, if you genuinely want to see the healing benefits of herbs, then book a consultation with us. Our Naturopaths at Nurtura Health will review any medications and make a bespoke plan to complement your needs.