Increase Your Energy and Vitality

Are you feeling tired and lethargic? Do you want to tick off all those things that are swirling around in your head but lack the get-up-and-go? There could be a few reasons why you are tired and lethargic. In this blog, we will discuss potential explanations, such as iron deficiency, hormones, food allergies and adrenal fatigue. We will also talk about supplements that can support your zest for life and that will get you moving again.

Are You Iron Deficient?
Tired? Exhausted, yet you eat enough leafy greens and red meat? Your body may not be absorbing iron, or you may have a deficiency. How can you tell? Book a consultation with us, and we can do all the thinking for you. Here we may determine the cause of your tiredness, accordingly. TIP – If you add a squeeze of citrus to your red meat or greens, the vitamin C in the fruit assists in the absorption of iron.

Could My Hormones Make Me Tired?
Yes! If your thyroid (overactive or underactive) is out of balance, that could also be the cause of tiredness and lack of energy. Many supplements, such as magnesium, vitamin D and more, may help with this. Ask us about matching the best supplements to your needs. At Nurtura Health, we also provide extensive testing that could uncover the reasons for your lack of energy.

Do Certain Foods Affect My Energy?
Eating foods that are high in carbohydrates cause your digestive system to work harder, thus exhausting energy centres that allow you to live life to the max. While carbs do have their place in regards to providing you energy, it’s all about choosing the right carbs to give you that energy. Also, if you indulge in rich foods, here, you have an immediate recipe for feeling heavy and lethargic. Allergies to certain foods could also be the cause. The outcome; your body automatically goes into shock and tries to compensate by using excess energy as it sees the food as a threat. So to keep you safe, your immune system goes into overdrive. Unsure if food is affecting you? Ask us about dietary and lifestyle advice.

Why Am I So Tired Yet Wired?
Do you have a coffee addiction? It’s what keeps you going! But, did you know that the temporary high associated with caffeine can affect your adrenals? The release of adrenalin to the brain then stimulates cortisol which regulates your fight-or-flight response. Thus when you come down from the coffee high your body is exhausted due to the internal fight. TIP Matcha green tea has the same effect as coffee and is a more health conscious alternative. It is recommended, just like coffee, to avoid intake from 3 pm to allow for a restful sleep.

What Can I Take To Boost My Energy And Vitality?
To determine precisely what your needs are, we recommend a consultation with our friendly and professional Naturopaths as we have a range of supplements that could be the boost you need.

Additionally, the complementary services we offer could turn your life’s energy and vitality from low to high.

As you have read, there could be many reasons why your energy and vitality feel like a flop. But it’s good to know that help is at hand. Simply reach out to us at Nurtura Health and book a consultation. We’ll create a treatment plan that is individually suited to your body. So, what are you waiting for? Book now!