How Can I Check My Health?

Do you wonder what is going on inside your body? And is there a non-invasive way to peer into your distinctive anatomy offering an extensive report about your cellular health, including measuring inflammation, muscle fat, and toxicity, to name a few? Well, you will be pleased to know that such a device exists; a scientific machine called the Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis scanner, otherwise known as Quadscan Body Composition Analysis. Interested? Let’s find out more!

What Is The Quadscan Device?
Used effectively in both the Naturopathic and Medical fields since the early 1980s, Quadscan reviews your internal health. After the scan, you receive a report which the Naturopath will go through with you. From there, they may suggest a treatment plan.

Do I Need A Quadscan?
If you are constantly feeling drained, or want to lose weight/gain weight, support the ageing process, or any other concerns, then the Quadscan is used to check your –

  • Hydration levels
  • Cellular activity
  • Body composition
  • Overall health status

What Will I Find?
At Nurtura Health, we understand that your health, vitality and well-being are your biggest asset. Therefore the Quadscan may show us how your body is coping with everyday life.

We may discover –

  • Body fat percentage
  • Metabolic rate
  • Muscle cell quality
  • What your ideal weight should look like based on the Quadscan results
  • A health and vitality score
  • Fluid balance and water retention/loss within the body
  • An individual treatment plan for weight loss/gain, based on your unique body

How Will The Quadscan Improve My Health?
If improving energy levels, overall health, vitality, and longevity are essential to you, then the Quadscan may pave the way to precisely that. The safe testing offers a baseline suited to your body composition. Thus the treatment plan is tailored to you and your needs due to the Quadscan’s capabilities, scoring and functions.

How Is The Test Conducted?
As the name suggests, the Quadscan scans your body via a low voltage electrical current connected from leads to your hands and feet. The test is painless and has even been used on Astronauts to measure and monitor their body composition. So don’t let the complex name throw you off.

How Often Do I Need A Quadscan?
Our Naturopath will determine the frequency of your Quadscan based on the test results. Also, the great thing about a Quadscan is that by monitoring your progress regularly, our experienced team can show you the before and after changes if you choose to implement a treatment plan.

Can Anyone Get A Quadscan?
Quadscan is safe for the whole family. Excluding pregnant women.

So, if you are ready to take charge of your wellbeing, then Quadscan is a demonstrated device that is an effective means of testing your inner workings.

You are in great hands because, at Nurtura Health, we are a certified Quadscan clinic where both of our friendly and skilled Naturopaths are Certified Quadscan Practitioners. Using this science, they have undergone extensive training to maximise your health and vitality.

Read our FAQs for more info. And as always, our friendly and skilled team at Nurtura Health are here for you. So reach out to us today.