How Can I Test My DNA?

Are you constantly looking for new alternatives and ways to manage your weight, ageing and health concerns, yet you fall short of a long-term solution? Well, you can put frustration and disappointment aside. All it takes is one (1) test to uncover what your body needs to create the lifestyle you wish; the Fitgenes DNA Genetic Test.

In this blog, we will discuss –

  • What does testing achieve;
  • What are genes and DNA;
  • Will the test help me identify how to lose weight;
  • Can the test show how I am ageing;
  • How will the Fitgenes DNA Genetic Test benefit me;
  • Where can I get a test?

What Does Testing Achieve?
If you want to comprehend your whole health, the Fitgenes DNA Genetic Test thoroughly assesses genetic information, so you can make an informed choice about moving towards your health goals.

Using the science of nutrigenomics, where your genes instruct your body about how to react, the report will address any negative reactions and provide a healthy alternative.

What Are Genes And DNA?
Genes are the building blocks that shape and form your body’s composition. When people say, “You have your mother’s eyes”, that is a simple example of how genes are segments of your DNA structure.

Whereas DNA, often identified by its double helix formation, is a molecule that carries your genes for daily functions. Additionally, it conditions your heretic health. You could liken DNA to an instruction manual. DNA tells the body how to respond and survive.

Together, genes and DNA are the teams that make you your unique self.

Interesting Fact – “All humans have the same genes arranged in the same order. And more than 99.9% of our DNA sequence is the same. But the few differences between us (all 1.4 million of them!) are enough to make each one of us unique”. Source University of Utah.

Will The Test Help Me Identify How To Lose Weight?
With your unique profile report, the Fitgenes DNA Genetic Test may unlock what is holding you back from achieving your ultimate weight. The testing is known to fast-track your weight loss journey, thanks to the information that comes directly from your own body, yet via the test results.

The report will outline your ability to digest and metabolise carbohydrates, including measuring your predisposition towards type 2 diabetes, what carbs are best for you, how much to consume, and much more. So, as you can see, the test opens up a wide range of health comprehension.

Can The Test Show How I Am Ageing?
By the time we reach 40, our body automatically starts to age faster because of our genes. But you can slow down this process by investigating how your DNA responds to your current lifestyle. This insider’s look can decrease the ageing process due to the recommendations reported in the Fitgenes DNA Genetic Test.

So, to appear younger and more youthful, all it takes is one (1) test to improve ageing symptoms.

How Will The Test Benefit Me?
Suppose you have allergies, food intolerances, poor gut health, autoimmune issues, periodontal gum disease, ongoing infections, or you aren’t happy with your overall health and vitality. In that case, all of these issues and their causes are detected with the Fitgenes DNA Genetic Test.

Where Can I Get The Test?
To receive your personalised genetic profile report, our qualified Naturopaths at Nurtura Health are happy to book your Fitgenes DNA Genetic Test at our centrally located Bundaberg clinic. We will then review the results, which are easy to understand, and together we will agree on the next step of your treatment plan.

So if you would like to open the door to improving your health and well-being, and are ready to get some answers to your previously unanswered questions, ask for a Fitgenes DNA Genetic Test.

Call us at Nurtura Health today to arrange an appointment. Our friendly team loves to see you thrive.